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Cabochon Opal Ring with Diamonds

Cabochon Opal Ring with Diamonds

SKU: R12191
This gorgeous diamond opal ring features a 9.61ct oval cabochon opal and 1.18ct white diamonds. The opal is a rare gemstone that has a unique play of color. This opal is also called the "queen of gems" and it is a symbol of hope, joy, and good luck. 

Opal is the birthstone for October. Opal is the most precious of all the gems. The opal is a mineral that is hydrous silicon dioxide, which is a mineral that has the same chemical composition as quartz. The difference is that the silicon dioxide in opal has replaced the silicon dioxide with water, and the result is

14k WG
Opal: 9.61 cts
White Diamond: 1.18 cts
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